Make It Count

Have a great day. Make it count.” These words were part of the morning ritual in our home as Dale headed out the door to work. His desire for our sons to do their best and to make a difference in the world ran so deeply that on more than one occasion as he was leaving extra early, and in a quiet voice so he didn’t wake up anyone, Dale’s strong but quiet voice would say, “Goodbye, family. Make it count.

Fast forward several years to a conversation we had with Spencer just a few weeks before August 6, 2011. Dale was telling Spencer goodbye, and Spencer said, “I know, Dad. Make it count.” And then he did.

Making it count is about recognizing we have gifts and abilities that are to be used to benefit others. Making it count is about doing our best, even when it is so much easier to shoot for mediocrity. Making it count is about seeing more than just ourselves and understanding the part we play in helping others see more than just themselves.

Spencer Colson Duncan made his life count. He died serving the country he loved.

How can you Make It Count Today?

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