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Do you know that your life counts? It absolutely does! And this is where you can share your story. What are you doing to make a difference in the lives of others? What are others doing to make a difference in yours? If you have been the tiniest bit inspired to Make It Count, we want to hear from you!

  • From Kurt and Amy Fitzgerald


    We are blessed to have known the Duncan family since Spencer was just an infant. Thank you Spencer for blessing us and our country. We will never forget August 6th and it has forever changed our family.

    Update 4/17/2013

    Our son, AJ, is now an infantryman in the Army and will continue the fight for our freedom and our country.

  • 2LT Wheeler

    The mom says:
    Callie has told me for years that she’s wanted a tattoo – I never told her no – just that she better be able to care for herself if she gets one. The day of Spencer's funeral she told me when she does – it would read “Make it Count.” I conceded the idea wouldn’t be horrible. I’m still not thrilled with the idea of a tattoo on the young lady, however I can’t express how much I respect her connection to the reason.

    The daughter says:
    I realized last August how easy it is to just go through the motions. I decided that like Spencer, I want to live my life so that when I move on from this world people know I made my time here count too. It's a message I love being reminded of everyday-- and I love sharing this simple life changing concept with others when they ask what's on my arm.

    We say:
    Thank you both for sharing your Make It Count story. And thank you for your service to this country, 2Lt. You are certainly making it count, too.

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