Your donations are changing the lives of veterans through book scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, experiential seminars, and actual meeting of physical needs for meals and basic services. We invite you to check out these fine organizations and see what they are doing to help our nation’s heroes.

2016 grants:

  • $20,000 to the Oklahoma State University Veteran Entrepreneurship Program, which helps veterans’ business dreams become reality
  • $20,000 to Warriors’ Ascent, a Kansas City-based experiential healing opportunity for veterans and first responders
  • $10,500 to Johnson County Community College Foundation for 21 student veteran book scholarships
  • $5000 to University of Missouri Kansas City Foundation for 10 student veteran book scholarships
  • $5000 to Kansas University Endowment for 10 student veteran book scholarships
  • $5000 to Baker University Foundation for 10 veteran book scholarships
  • $5000 to Heart of America Stand Down, a local effort to provide resources and safe rest to marginalized and homeless veterans in Kansas City
  • $5000 to Catholic Charities to assist in their Supportive Services for Veteran Families program
  • $2000 in equipment purchases for Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization of veterans and first responders
  • $1500 to be held in a benevolence fund for immediate, emergency veteran needs
  • $1500 to Project MRE, a Kansas City effort to honor underserved veterans with a warm holiday meal
  • $1000 to Wreaths Across America, an organization dedicated to honoring our nation’s veterans by placing holiday wreaths on heroes’ graves
  • $1000 to Johnson County Veterans Treatment Court to purchase small gift cards used as incentives for participants meeting program benchmarks

We decided to help veterans because we felt like that’s what Spencer would have done if he had come home. You, along with the best volunteer force, continue to make that happen. You are bringing hope to veterans. You are changing heroes’ lives. You are making it count. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

We would consider it an honor to have your support for the 6th Annual Spencer C Duncan Make It Count 5K on Saturday, August 5, 2017. You make it count in so many ways; please continue to make it count with us!

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